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Angela Packard-Owner and lover of herbs and spices

Additionally, my family has been concerned with where our food comes from, where it's grown, what it's fed, what it's sprayed with etc... We've decided that it's only best that our products are organic. Why eat preservatives, fillers, additives and food dyes if you don't have to? Our products are organic and still less expensive than some of those "other" spice companies that aren't as concerned with quality like we are. Plus, we're still competitively priced and guaranteed fresher. If you knew your spices were sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, would you still be seasoning that organic, free-range and grass fed delicious piece of meat? Doesn't make sense to us either.

God has truly been the director of my journey, and it's by faith alone that I have this business. I continue to ask Him for guidance and direction...and in that prayer, He has instilled in my heart a desire to help those struggling and in need. 'Heed The Need' is a project designed and dedicated to the care of others. $1 of every spice blend purchased will go to an individual or organization nominated for us to sponsor. You can nominate someone today and we want to be there to help. We thank God for your support and the continued support of this business.

With the unexpected loss of my job in February of 2013, I decided that I might possibly have a product that could be loved by many. So the idea to start my  own business turned into a reality. Last year, I created 5 more blends to add to my original blend with the hopes of this number to grow. I love and enjoy the research and artistry that goes into developing new blends and my hope is that you'll enjoy them as well.

By the summer of 2010, with BBQ season in full swing, I had developed a rib rub with herbs and spices I had on hand and created what is now 'Secret Spice".  Friends and family had tried my blend and I started giving it as gifts. Every time someone asked what was in the blend, my response was, 'Secret Spice'. It occurred to me over some time that this same blend could be used in chili also. We loved that smoky and spicy taste from the summer, why not enjoy it in the winter as well?! 'Secret Spice' has (unofficially) won several chili cook-off contests along with wins for family and friends. It is a staple in my house and we'll never be without it.

My love for cooking really didn't start until I purchased my first home in Sept of 2006. The day I moved in, I told my parents that I wanted to have the family over for Thanksgiving. I had never cooked a meal for more than just myself but fell in love with the idea. I immediately engrossed myself in every cooking and food channel there was. I spent hours discovering how many different ways one could cook a turkey! Needless to say, a plastic storage container, the bathtub, a brick, yellow rubber gloves and a turkey were the building blocks to the beginning of my cooking fascinations. Oh, and Thanksgiving dinner turned out fabulous by the way...

Tradition, family, holidays, name it, food is a highlight that takes center stage no matter what the occasion. Food naturally brings people together and creates instant connections, common ground and conversation. Some of my best childhood memories were around the dinner table. Telling jokes, making faces and talking about our days. It was also a time to connect with one another. A time to let the world keep spinning and for us to slow down and be apart of each others lives while we enjoyed dinner. And sometimes, whether we liked what was being served or not, it still allowed us to congregate in one room together as a family.

Food. It's defined by 'Google' "as any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth". It's precise and straight forward, however missing so much more. The word 'love' however has synonyms I feel more accurately defines what food is: fondness, warmth, attachment and endearment. Food doesn't just create these feelings, they ARE these feelings.

"When we can surrender ourselves to the things that chain us, and surrender to Christ, the One that saves us, the sweetness of life emerges.

That sweet moment IS the spice of life."

"Sweet Surrender is the Spice of Life"~ Angela Packard

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"There isn't a person anywhere who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can."

~Henry Ford

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