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I'm 100% certain God didn't create taste buds on accident...

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Knowing how to use your spices is the key to delicious and simple meals. The next several pages provide originally created recipes for each of  our proprietary organic spice blends. We've found that our style of cooking is very simple, rustic and familiar. Though we so appreciate the fine dining experience, we want our recipes to be easy to cook over and over again while creating a sense of comfort. Cook with confidence and be proud of what you've made for yourself, your family or those special guests you are entertaining. Using your spice blends often will ensure freshness and provide you with a variety of flavors for each and every meal. When it comes to meal planning, we suggest only using organic and/or local fresh ingredients. If you have a suggestion or have another creative way to use any of our blends, let us know. We especially love trying new recipes and hearing from our customers...send us your recipes and we'll put it on our site! Enjoy!