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*Each one of our organic spice blends is a proprietary recipe.

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1 oz. Bag (1-1/8 oz) = $5.75 each

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The originally created spice blend that has shown its versatility time and time again. It's a smoky and mildly to moderately spicy mix of organic smoked paprika, organic cayenne pepper, toasted and ground organic mustard seed, organic cane sugar, sea salt, organic garlic powder, organic black pepper and other organic spices. It was created for ribs but is really, barbecue's best friend. Click here for recipes.


Uses: Rib rub, pulled pork, chili, chicken, chip dip, Bloody Mary cocktail and bbq name a few.

This super spicy blend gets its heat from habanero and chipotle peppers. Habanero peppers have a Scoville rating from 100,000-350,000. Chipotle peppers rate between 5,000-10,000. If you like giving your food a kick, or want to wake up your taste buds, then this is the blend for you. Don't be afraid though...that spiciness tends to mellow out a bit and makes turkey burgers the best you've ever had! As with anything spicy, wash hands after working with spice blend. Other ingredients include organic smoked paprika, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, organic cumin, organic black pepper, organic oregano and organic sucanat.  Click here for recipes.


Uses: Burgers, pork chops, spicy tacos, steak, corn on the cob, spicy mayo, tempura batter or spiced pecans.

A salt-free fusion of herbs that imparts many medicinal qualities that encourage good health. With its aromatic scent, this pleasant blend has a plethora of benefits and uses for cooking. Some studies suggest that rosemary stimulates circulation and lemon thyme may aid in digestion. This blend also contains organic oregano, organic dill weed, organic celery seed, organic fennel seed, organic minced garlic and organic minced onion. Click herefor recipes.

Uses: Grilled chicken, soup, vinaigrette dressing, lamb chops, herbed crusty bread, pasta and vegetables.

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